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A Nice Surprise to start 2012

Hello All, Wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous 2012.

With the cheesy part out of the way, another disclaimer, this is a non-techie/self-gloating/geeky article that you have every right to skip :-).

Those of you who follow me on twitter know by now that I have started writing for . I re-published one of my recent articles (the SignalR one) there and boy it got popular. But the best surprise was it got posted on community site as the article of the day. Now for a rank outsider like me this was big and I was gloating about it for a couple of days. The article was garnering about 800+ hits per day (more than all the hits I get on my blog in a week 🙂 ) Then something happened yesterday morning. In the space of an hour I noticed we had nearly 2000 hits. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought that some spam bot had got hold of the url and was generating the hits. Then I actually visited the article and saw that it had about 60+ tweets. This surprised me. On clicking to see who was tweeting I nearly fell off my chair. First name on the list was “Scott Guthrie”. The Gu had actually tweeted about my article! Yeeehhhhaawwwww!!!! Needless to say I got 3K hits yesterday. If this ever gets to him, Thank you sir for your encouragement. (I will in a self-congratulatory frame of mind assume his tweet meant he liked my article).

The only thing better would be a ticket back home to be with my son and family.

Well, that’s how life rolls. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a lot of blogging this year and positively contribute to the tech community in general and .NET community in particular.

Cheers everyone!


Steve Jobs

I updated the theme of my blog to the original Mac theme.

Lot of ink has been spilled in memory of Jobs. I don’t have anything new to add. Instead here are a collection of links, I saved up on twitter, that appeared on his death.


The Blog a Week Challenge!

At beginning of the year, WordPress was kind enough to send me a report of my Blog’s status. The saddest part of the report was the fact that I had blogged a total of 4 times in the year. It took a while to digest and actually before I could digest it WordPress threw the Blog a Day and Blog a week challenge at all it’s bloggers.

I won’t contemplate the blog a day challenge considering I find it hard to ‘tweet a day’, but I told myself I could blog once a week. Not could I HAD to blog once a week.

Well the first month is almost over and unless I put up three more articles in the next few hours I am –3 in the first month of my blog a week challenge too! That is a shame. But I am not giving up. Proof is this filler article that’s nothing but a personal rant, a public acceptance of the challenge, it might just spur me to do better!

BTW my first article of the year wasn’t on my blog but on It’s a Sharepoint article. I’ve written two on dotnetcurry so far. The third one is in the works.

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“We have moved!”

Well it’s almost been three weeks now. On August 16th 2008, me and my family (= wife and kid) moved to US of A. Duration of our stay is likely to be decided by which one of us is asked by our employers to return back home earlier. But fact is for approximately a year we won’t be seeing India anymore…


Return to the blog

It has been over six months since I last blogged. How time flew past, I’ve little clues. From the colts making it to the finals and me getting assigned to a new .NET project in Fort Worth, TX; these were clear, rest is pretty much a blur…

Somewhere in between, Colts won the SuperBowl, I moved to Fort Worth, TX, spent a humongous amount of time to get a project delivered, Indian cricket time kicked out of the world cup in the first round… my family joined me at TX for three weeks (that seemed like blink of an eye)… We visited Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco in 5 days that I managed to get off from work and then returned to India… Seemed like escape to victory… or was it…

It’s been a month and a half and things I would like to believe are getting normal… Hence the return to the blog…

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