2 thoughts on “How to renew Windows Store Developer account (Specially if the card you used initially has expired)

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  2. SHG says:

    Hey! Thanks so much for this blog post! I was a bit more lucky though, and can perhaps tip others on this as well:

    _If_ your new card has the exact same number as your old one (just changed expiry date and CVV code), you _can_ actually use the commerce.microsoft.com site. Select the card under payment options, then select Edit. The only thing you can edit is the expiry date. Do that, and save. Apparently this should be enough. My renewal hasn’t come up yet, but I did go to the dev.windows.com dashboard and managed to look at my card details by using my _new_ CVV code after I updated the expiry date on the commerce.microsoft.com site, so that’s something, at least.

    I did not figure this out myself, I was lucky to catch the support chat site open and got good help there.

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