Return to the blog

It has been over six months since I last blogged. How time flew past, I’ve little clues. From the colts making it to the finals and me getting assigned to a new .NET project in Fort Worth, TX; these were clear, rest is pretty much a blur…

Somewhere in between, Colts won the SuperBowl, I moved to Fort Worth, TX, spent a humongous amount of time to get a project delivered, Indian cricket time kicked out of the world cup in the first round… my family joined me at TX for three weeks (that seemed like blink of an eye)… We visited Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco in 5 days that I managed to get off from work and then returned to India… Seemed like escape to victory… or was it…

It’s been a month and a half and things I would like to believe are getting normal… Hence the return to the blog…


One thought on “Return to the blog

  1. Devdatta says:

    welcome back.. keep on posting…

    I think I should start it again 🙂 , however mine wasn’t this detailed and was too common posts…

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