Lazy Saturday… American Football, Timeouts and TV commercials

Like always woke up close to noon on yet another lazy saturday… Had about an hour’s time before the playoff game between the Colts and the Ravens got off to a start… so made scrambled eggs (because the omlette didn’t come out the way I wanted it) and had it with bread for breakfast…

American Football
When you are in  India  American Football resembles a bigger version of tag team wrestling… pretty mindless and hugely physical (to a point of barbaric) game. If I ever told my Dad I am following Football here he would be like… “WHAT!!!”…
Personally I prefer not to have opinions about things I don’t know much about. It was similar about American Football before this trip to US of A.
A game is fun
-when you know the rules
-you have a team to support
-and icing to the cake is if you play it too.
My roomie did the first two for me (yup now I am colts fan… :-)…). The third bit happened earlier on this trip. In Dec 06 company had arranged a camping trip and a kid there ‘coached’ us to play a game of Football. An Un-athletic and unfit bunch of IT pros that we were, 30 minutes of running around had taken the wind out all of us (except for our coach ofcourse). However, the seed for interest in American Football was sown that day.

Fast forward… today…
As I watched the gritty Colts defence stave off the Ravens in yet another brilliant display, the innumerable clock stops and time outs that resulted in commercial breaks on TV, set me thinking… This game is so beautifully done… Seems to have something for everyone… including the broadcasters… The more I thought the more I realized this game, in a way, symbolizes all things American i.e. BIG… Big guys… Huge stadiums… Huge paychecks… Huge Fan following… and TV commercials advertising everything… The best part is you sit an watch 4 quarters, each 15 minutes long, for a period of about 3-4 hours and in the end you are not pissed off… In fact if your team wins you are elated…
Back in India the broadcasters fall over each over for cricket telecast rights. When they get that they cram in as many commericals as they can between two overs (sometimes missing the first ball of the next over) leaving the viewer with a feeling that you are watching commercials interspersed with cricket breaks…

Anyway coming out the ramblings… end of the day Colts won the game 15-6. And for the second time in the season I amazed at Vinatieri‘s ability to kick that odd shaped ‘ball’ from amazing distances to score field goals… The game today was won by Vinnateri and the Colts defence with Vinatieri scoring 5 fields goals (all the Colts points) and the defence braving the Ravens and keeping them to 6 points (two field goals) only. The more I see this ‘team’ the more I am convinced, like all team games, the quarterback is just another cog in the wheel, Manning you better get your act together if Colts are to make it to the “Super Bowl”.

P.S. Dad… I am beginning to like American Football…

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2 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday… American Football, Timeouts and TV commercials

  1. Navin Samuel says:

    Good to see that you are getting into it! I saw my first game in NJ and that too on a cold Saturday morning in a huge stadium (I don’t remember the name)! Though I had no freaking idea as to what was going on, I should say that I did enjoy it then. The best part of the game….those fanatic New Yorkers!

  2. Gaurav R says:

    The best part of American Football are the girls who cheer up the team….

    I think for new comers or watchers that is the best thing to watch first….
    and then enjoy the game…

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