Finally I start blogging

Finally I have moved my lazy bum enough to register for myself a blog space, registered a domain name and… I have my own site on the net…. next question… now what?

About today… well yet another boring day at work. Mindless rounds of install… uninstall… startup… shutdown… restart of the Sun Portal Server 7 on my poor Lattitde laptop (running RHL ES3 U 4 as well as windows…). Nothing worked so I gave up on it…

An interesting conversation took place with one of our principals… Things might turn interesting very soon… Till then I am in this rut…

Had a pleasant evening at a friend’s place… actually did all the registration stuff at his place only…

Now… go home… and hit the sack… weekend is here… :))


6 thoughts on “Finally I start blogging

  1. Navin says:

    Great! Lets hear what you have to say dude!

  2. Gaurav says:

    well, not a bad way to take your frustration out…he he 🙂

  3. Devdatta says:

    good… so one more page/link to catch you 😉

  4. Preetam says:

    great dude !

    keep blogging … nice place to shre thoughts 😀

  5. Gaurav R says:

    cool dude….

    keeping on Blogging…

    Waiting to here and see more from here

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